Our public challenge to Caroline Criado-Perez

Last Friday I had a lengthy discussion with Jonathan Vernon-Smith on BBC Three Counties Radio, concerning women in the workplace:


Caroline Criado-Perez, a feminist and founder of ‘The Women’s Room’ http://thewomensroom.org.uk contributed to the discussion. Over the course of one section (16:15 – 20:05) I made the point that we have five longitudinal studies which show that when companies increase the number of women on their boards, corporate financial performance declines. Our briefing paper on the studies is here:


Ms Criado-Perez made the following astonishing claim (18:16):

There are many longitudinal studies that would say the opposite.

I expressed my disagreement with the claim, and I now publicly challenge her to send me links to the ‘many’ longitudinal studies she claims exist.

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