Viviane Reding: Why we need a United States of Europe now

For some time the prime mover behind European Union efforts to bully major European companies into appointing more women to their boards has been an odious militant feminist, Viviane Reding, Vice-President of the European Commission. We’ve covered her nefarious activities at some length on this blog. Ms Reding’s own website led me to an EU press release from November 2012, It concerns a speech in which Ms Reding made the following statement:

A United States of Europe is the subject of my talk today. A United States of Europe – a powerful, ambitious, and probably controversial vision of the future of our continent. I am sure that we will have a lively argument about my postulate afterwards: namely that to find its way out of the current financial and debt crises, we must now embark on the road to a United States of Europe.

A United States of Europe with people like Viviane Reding at the helm. What a grim ‘vision of the future’.

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