Mike Buchanan’s appearance on ‘The Jeremy Vine Show’

Mike Buchanan appeared on Jeremy Vine’s show on BBC Radio 2 this lunchtime, debating with Laura Bates of The Everyday Sexism Project. The programme regularly attracts 6 – 7 million listeners.

The discussion (and ensuing comments from listeners etc.) lasts from 34:45 – 1:00:30 from the link below. We’ll be putting the piece on Mike’s YouTube site shortly.


Mike tells us he’s had a constant stream of highly supportive phone calls and texts (from men and women) since the piece was broadcast. Less than an hour afterwards he’d been booked to speak on two other BBC radio shows in the next 24 hours, as well as a major commercial radio station tomorrow lunchtime. We’ll post the audio files on Mike’s YouTube site as soon as we can.

Hits on all three blogs have gone through the roof :

Justice for Men and Boys http://j4mb.wordpress.com

Anti-Feminism League https://c4mb.wordpress.com

Campaign for Merit in Business http://fightingfeminism.wordpress.com


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