Our Freedom of Information Act request to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (‘EHRC’)

A few weeks ago we sent a FoI Act request to the EHRC, seeking their evidence of the ‘missing link’. This was their response, and in red font I’ve included some comments:

120911 EHRC response to FoI Act request for information, with my comments

You’ll see we’ve asked for an internal review of the response. EHRC is using a recently-published book as a shield. Michael Klein of http://sciencefiles.org has kindly reviewed the book, and provided us with the following review, for which we thank him warmly:

120928 Michael Klein’s critique of Fagan et al book

I shall shortly be emailing one of the co-editors of the book, Professor Colette Fagan colette.fagan@manchester.ac.uk of the School of Social Sciences at the University of Manchester, to seek her evidence for the ‘missing link’.

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